About the China-Israel Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

China-Israel Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CICEI), founded at Jilin University, was inaugurated by Israeli Ambassador to China Mr. Matan Vilnai, and by the President of Jilin University Prof. Li Yuanyuan, at the opening ceremony of the second Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference (GEIC) on May 29, 2015.

The founding of CICEI is supported, among others, by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Jilin Provincial Science & Technology Department in China, and by various institutes and departments in Israel, as well as the Embassy of Israel in China.

The director of the Center is Prof. Zheng Li, who is also the Vice Dean of Economics School at Jilin University. The advisory board of CICEI includes Israeli Ambassador to China Mr. Matan Vilnai, Nobel Laureate Prof. Dan Shechtman and other leading international experts. The Center is comprised of researchers and scholars from China, Israel, Germany and the Netherlands.

Focusing on research and comparative studies of innovative economy and entrepreneurship policy between China and Israel, the Center is devoted to promoting bilateral economic and technical exchanges and cooperation. The goal of the Center is to become an international research platform for entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as an interactive research platform for government, enterprise and university, an effective platform for technology transfer, a training platform for entrepreneurship education, and a service platform for high-tech business.